TestCaseLab - Frequently Asked Questions

TestCaseLab is a web-based test case management tool for manual QA engineers which helps them to follow daily activities. With TestCaseLab you can:

  • Create test cases and apply different properties to them
  • Create test plans and fill them with existing test cases
  • Reorder your test cases at any time you need
  • Create test runs based on existing test plans or manually fill them with test cases, assign users to them
  • Launch test runs and set statuses to every test case
  • Integrate with different issue-tracking systems and report all test cases with 'failed' status (bugs) directly to them
  • Create new projects within one account
  • Export your test cases database to CSV file
  • Import your test cases database to existing project from CSV file
  • Manage user roles in your team
  • Export test run results to CSV file
  • And many other

No, TestCaseLab tool doesn't have any additional charges for all invited users.

No, at your TestCaseLab account you can create as many projects as you need absolutely for free. Just make sure you stay within the limit of test cases

The limit of the test cases is automatically determined when you select your subscription plan (or during the trial period). It is the total amount of test cases which can be created within your account. Your test cases may be re-used in test plans or test runs as many times as you need without additional charges. The limit of test cases does not refresh every month. You can upgrade your pricing plan at any moment, though.

Currently TestCaseLab tool doesn't have any testing automation functionality and cannot be integrated with similar services.

Sure we do! With 'Enterprise' subscription you will get the limit of 50'000 test cases. Please contact us for more details.

Currently TestCaseLab tool is hosted only on our own cloud servers and cannot be installed directly on any third-party servers.

Any user who signs up for TestCaseLab automatically receives 100% functional account with trial period, we do not cut features for any pricing plan

Haven’t found your issue?

Please contact us at support@testcaselab.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.